Okay, so I am sick of seeing so much hate towards Yogscast Members. So here’s what I plan to do; Whoever reblogs this by the 30th of July will have their URL put in a card and it will be sent to The Yogscast to show our appreciation. 

Please please reblog and show you care. It’s not fair that people are receiving hate from said ‘fans’. Let’s just show a little love yeah? 

The Yogscast has worked so hard for us people forget that they are not just talking to a screen, but really a person on the other side. They are some of my favoritte youtubers and are awesome :D

Kim is an inspiration

Kim is an inspiration to me (from what I’ve seen) she is beautiful and kind and a sweetheart. I have been a fan of the yogscast since 2011 and since last year Kim has (and i think will always be) on of my favorite yogscast person. I know how bad words hurt seeing as i have been on the bad end of them plenty of times. (Kim i need your number, you might get a few calls) ☺

P.S my favorite play through is Valiant Hearts because also it is close to my heart. I don’t think any of the relatives i know were there (i have a lot of relatives) but my great grandma was in the Naffi, women who cooked for the soldiers literally behind the front line. She has told me a few stories but she was there when she was 16. However if she had not of gone she would of never had met my great granddad and i would not be here (oh what a shame if she hadn’t of met him)

I hope Kim sees this and know that I like many are right behind her xx
-Carmen aged 13 xxx
P.P.S i re watch your videos when i am sad and it always cheers me up


Anonymous asked:

do you think nash would still be relevant/still doing whatever it is he's doing, if instead of sending hate and talking about him people just ignored him?

ickle-nellie-rose answered:

Yes, of course he would still be relevant & successful; he is a pretty young white boy who is just “soooooo ccuuuuttteeeeee”.

Whilst he can be arsehole-ish/annoying, Nash Grier did not become famous purely for that or because people criticised his behaviour- he became famous because he was a cute boy making silly videos on Vine.

He did not get famous from criticism of his behaviour; people criticised his behaviour because he was famous.

If people didn’t criticise his behaviour & just ignored him & said nothing, there would be more people out there thinking that an aids/hiv joke about gay people (and calling them “fags”) is funny, or that girls should be shaving the hair off their entire arms (amongst a myriad of other stupid rules) in order to get a a boyfriend.

If everyone ignored him (including his millions of fans), it would work, but seeing as that is unlikely to happen, sometimes people have to step in and go “no no no no no - please, everyone, what this person said is just WRONG”.



Ghost Glass Frog  (Limon Giant Glass Frog)

Well, with these two photos to compare, it’s understandable why Sachatamia ilex (Centrolenidae) [Syn. Centrolene ilex], is commonly called the Ghost Glass Frog. The above picture is a night shot, while the bottom is diurnal.

The Ghost Glass Frog is an arboreal, nocturnal frog. The eyes are silver with black reticulations, and are positioned on top of the large semicircular head so that the eyes point directly forward. The pupils are horizontally elliptical.

Although this Central and South American frog is difficult to find, certainly find it in the day makes much difference that find it at night when the reflection of the light on its eyes makes them to look strangely and tenebrous purplish.

References: [1] - [2] - [3]

Foto credit: [Top: ©Matthew J. Sullivan | Locality: Costa Rican Amphibian Research Center, Costa Rica]  -  [Bottom: ©Brian Gratwicke | Locality: Panama]

The bottom one looks like it is judging us